Ep. 27: Pale Ice


Shoutout to Trashy Divorces for our last hitman-related book!

Triggerman Inc. : the worst and most conspicuous name for a secret hitman company

Noel: The Iceman!


This neighbor lady put up with way more than she should have

So y’all my sister just had a kid and I can comfortably say that a quick 20 minute google ain’t gonna do it 

Margie I don’t know if you read these, but “is she a hotel?!” just about killed me during editing. I had to pause so I could laugh it out

Oh hey Bitsy. Cat number two in the menagerie for today

“I’m ALWAYS careful” Sure Ice….sure you are

Honestly not the way I’d want to start my day

Best way to maintain your secret identity, telling people

Fastest to all holes wins!

I mean hey. Consensual sex is sexy y’all.

I want you to know that Zac texted me in the middle of this recording requesting I make a golf pun and I didn’t get it until we finished. I’m glad my hubs and I are on the same page

This bad guy came out of freaking nowhere. Because sure

Hey if a two week recovery time IS possible, let me know. I don’t pretend to be a doctor, but I’m really curious!

How many pants do YOU have listeners?

Hey if you read the next book in the series let us know!

This is why Margie and I work so well together. When one of us misses a joke, the other co-host comes in clutch

This week’s episode is a pun on Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

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