About Us


Margie is a marketing and media professional in Cincinnati who travels way more than she should considering she can literally hear her wallet crying. She reads across the board, from fantasy to science fiction to histories to Stephen Hawking but has also been known to get addicted to the occasional k-drama.


Rachel is an engineer living in Dayton with her husband and their cat children, Carlos and Bitsy. She is an avid fantasy reader, a great cook, and a lover of tea and rainy days spent inside.

Why does it matter?

Here at Textual Tension, we care a great deal about you, our listeners. We also care a great deal about our beloved Romance genre. That said, we realize that there’s a lot of problematic material out there in the world. Our goal is to destigmatize a criminally underrated literary genre and share our love of books, and comedy, with others. We want to…

  • To discuss romance novels in an accessible format to readers and non-readers alike, and to hold them to the same standard as other forms of literature
  • To be inclusive to people of all backgrounds
  • To bring an often undiscussed and misrepresented genre into the public eye in a safe and inclusive environment
  • To have fun sharing our love for the romance genre and creating an open discussion
  • To celebrate healthy relationships and call attention to to media that portrays abusive relationships in a romantic light

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