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Ep 35: The Call of the Jungle

OK so for this book I have to agree with some of our Facebook followers and say that the cover plus the title does now unfortunately make me think of golden showers.  When I was in college, my friends used to have this joke for me where if I wanted something sweet they would point... Continue Reading →

And the winner of Worst Romance Novel Title Ever goes tooooooooooooo….FANTASY LOVER Here's your required fan service. You're welcome Hey let's face it. There are far worse things than early 2000's ripped surfer dude So at first, my eyes rolled all the way into the sunset when they mentioned that Grace is a sex therapist.... Continue Reading →

Ep. 31: The Cinnamon Roll Soldier

I’m very glad that I happened to get this book for my first LGBTQIA+ novel because it was actually a healthy relationship between two men. Media is still so heteronormative, and because of that I think that it’s really really important to demonstrate what a healthy homosexual relationship looks like.  Rachel and I have talked... Continue Reading →

Ep. 30: Low Expectations

“Hello Disney? I have the idea for the next big Marvel movie….hear me out...” I don’t understand this man’s obsession with not wearing a shirt. I mean if you got it flaunt it I guess? She’s like a beautiful butterfly in a sports bra cocoon  Alright so seriously though. If you’re running away from a... Continue Reading →

Ep. 27: Pale Ice

MERCH MERCH MERCH Shoutout to Trashy Divorces for our last hitman-related book! Triggerman Inc. : the worst and most conspicuous name for a secret hitman company Noel: The Iceman! \ This neighbor lady put up with way more than she should have So y’all my sister just had a kid and I can comfortably say... Continue Reading →

Ep. 25: Wild Wild Tex

Hello there friends and listeners! Your co-host Rachel here! Are you ready to go on an adventure to the Wild Wild West? Okay maybe not.... But hey props to Loraine for writing a pretty good romance novel back in the 90s! Not gonna lie. That particular era can be pretty hit or miss. Can you... Continue Reading →

Ep. 24: For Whom the Cinnamon Rolls

Hey everyone, Margie here.  I absolutely loved listening to this recording because I got to relive those moments of “OMG he’s PERFECT PLEASE LOVE ME,” And Gabriel isn’t perfect because he’s this impenetrable wall of toxic masculinity. No, he actually IS vulnerable, encourages Bitsy-I mean Charlotte-to be vulnerable around him, and in general helps his... Continue Reading →

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