Ep. 26: On the Origin of Missing Links (feat. Trashy Divorces)

First of all, thank you so much for Trashy Divorces for joining us! And DEFINITELY listen to their podcast as I am OBSESSED and I love them! Seriously I am so starstruck that they came on. 

OK so I’m going to be honest: I feel really bad when we do books like this. Because…I’m a writer. If someone gave me shit for my writing then I would feel like shit. But, then again, REVISIONS ARE A THING. TRY THEM. Also have your friends give you their honest opinion my GOD.

In the writers defense, I don’t remember the heroine, Lily Evans, description, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. But…I really don’t remember it at all so?…

But it doesn’t change the fact…THIS BOOK WAS WILD. Like what even was this story? And one thing I didn’t really even get into in the episode was how Mary Sue the heroine was. Like imagine Bella Swan from Twilight but as an extrovert and less wake-me-up-inside. She just didn’t have a lot going for her. The only thing I know about her in terms of her interests is that…she bakes a mean pumpkin pie. Which is pretty awesome not gonna lie, who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? She also says during the book that she likes putting three things in her mouth. A. Jay. B. Lobster rolls and C. Pumpkin pie. Yes, she says that, it’s internal dialogue but still.

In the romance though, they didn’t really have much in common, so the romance didn’t feel really legit enough to carry the story. Like they…had sex? And both really liked pumpkin pie?

One scene from the book that was really weird is when they are finally reunited after Lily gets kidnapped by the fake FBI agents (I can’t believe I have to specify which kidnapping it is) and Jay gets all mad at her for not believing that he actually cares about her. Like, excuse me, weren’t you the one who ghosted me with a bunch of gym equipment?

Read this book for the comedy, nothing else. It’s got the weirdest dialogue ever which would probably make the audiobook absolutely hilarious/awesome.

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