Ep. 26: On the Origin of Missing Links (feat. Trashy Divorces)
Ep. 25: Wild Wild Tex
Ep. 24: For Whom the Cinnamon Rolls
Ep. 23: A Game of Groans
Ep. 22: The Wildcat
Ep. 21: Must Love Cinnamon Rolls
Ep. 20: Adam Everlasting
Ep. 19: 11,000 Years of Solitude (feat. HalfwayOkay)
Ep. 18: A Farewell to Noses (feat. The Hidden People)
Ep. 17: Wine and Punishment
Ep. 16: Supplemental
Ep. 16: Nolita
Ep. 15: Raevens of Prey
Ep. 14: Mostly a Dick
Ep. 13: Little Vampires
Ep. 12: The Countess of Monte Cristo
Ep. 11: Worse Animal Farm
Ep. 10: To Kill a Raven Prince
Ep. 9: The Invisible and Totally not Creepy or Abusive Man
Ep. 8: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Wonderful
Ep. 7: The Boi with the Dragon Tattoo
Ep. 6: A Merry Hallmark Christmas
Ep. 5: The Lightning Prick
Ep. 4: A Divine Comedy of Errors
Ep. 3: Dingus and Demons
Ep. 2: Pride and Pleasure Dirigibles
Ep. 1: 20,000 Problems Under the Sea

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