Ep. 15: Raevens of Prey

We had a bit of technical difficulties when recording our crossover episode with Bodice Tipplers. We had so much fun recording but managed to completely lose all of our audio! Don’t worry! Bodice Tipplers will be putting out our episode with them soon. Our episode is just going to be a little late!

Margie’s French accent is way better than mine.

Hey if you guys think this dude is attractive, that cool. Definitely doesn’t rustle my jimmies though

Current complete aminal cohost list: Bitsy, Carlos, Olivander, and Venus

Raeven is Victorian era goals.

Topaz is a lot of colors actually. Not just Blue

Let it be known I had to cut a really good Muppet’s Treasure Island goof. It was very upsetting. I am so shamed

I must have revenge! *cue Kenny G*. Nothing is sexier than trying to kill someone with a dagger

I love me a lady that can fire a cannon IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

I’m still really curious what happened to his crew

This week’s episode title is a pun on the novel Birds of Prey by Wilbur Smith. It’s a book about pirates too!

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