Ep. 13: Little Vampires

Hey guys look! I found another book cover! I like the first one best.

I can’t believe I didn’t notice that this book is by the same lady that wrote about our Lightening Boi! I don’t know if I would have read it if I’d known. How to Tame a Beast in 7 Days triggered my science rage waaaay too much.

HOLY MAMMARY GLANDS. HOW IS THAT AN OKAY THING TO THINK WHEN YOU SEE A LADY?! Also, dudes….is that something you’ve ever actually thought? Is that a thing?!

Vegan Vamps. Alright then. And for the record: vegan vamps are the good guys, human eating vamps are the bad ones

I don’t think I mentioned it in the show. I guess vampires are only dead during the day. At night they become 100% alive. I mean sure

THIS BOOK IS SO WEIRD. I’m just….y’all I have no words.

It’s okay Margie. I got entirely too invested in this one too

Ah yes. The “Change me instead” trope

I also think I forgot to mention the backstory of the woman from Nazi Germany. I’m such a hot mess. Basically, she was running away from persecution with her two sisters. She was changed while running away and spent the rest of the war feeding off of Nazis. So yeah, she was pretty cool

Listening again, yeah our rating system is confusing isn’t it. Woops!

Do you guys want a treat? You’re welcome

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