Show Notes

Ep. 23: A Game of Groans

Alright Listeners! You can finally fill in the super secret Textual Tension BINGO block for “Rachel reads a bad book”! Total side note: Do you like our new graphic? Because I do! Let me know what you think! That’s a good friend. Friends, call your friends on their shit. That’s what makes you a good... Continue Reading →

Ep. 21: Must Love Wieners

What is up with those arms? I don’t think those are human proportions… Aiden Caldwell: Professional cinnamon roll Hey Laura. You’re a bitch Smooth Aiden. Super smooth. “Hey baby. Wunna come back to my place and meet my weiner?” I apologize in advance y’all. This is kind of a crazy romcom-esque plot. Strap in and... Continue Reading →

Ep. 20: Adam Everlasting

It’s weird how sexy Scottish highlanders became such a big thing isn’t it? I mean...why highlanders in particular? In some ways to me it just seems so random. Like theres nothing in history that makes them stand out particularly in terms of...I don’t know romance. Like theres no deep really romantic traditions for highlanders I... Continue Reading →

Ep. 17: Wine and Punishment

Holy wine Batman. I’d like to apologize in advance for how drunk we got during this episode. But hey! We had so much fun! Let us know what you think about your two drunk co-hosts. If you guys have as much fun as we did, maybe we’ll do a few more drunk episodes! Turns out... Continue Reading →

Ep. 16: Nolita

I don’t really know where to begin with this book to be honest with you in these notes. I feel like I’m being pulled into two directions, should I start with how to help victims and what human trafficking actually is or talk about the book itself. Ok I’ve decided to start on the book... Continue Reading →

Ep. 15: Raevens of Prey

We had a bit of technical difficulties when recording our crossover episode with Bodice Tipplers. We had so much fun recording but managed to completely lose all of our audio! Don’t worry! Bodice Tipplers will be putting out our episode with them soon. Our episode is just going to be a little late! Margie’s French... Continue Reading →

Ep. 13: Little Vampires

Hey guys look! I found another book cover! I like the first one best. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that this book is by the same lady that wrote about our Lightening Boi! I don’t know if I would have read it if I’d known. How to Tame a Beast in 7 Days triggered... Continue Reading →

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