Ep 37: Another boi Another Dragon Tattoo

Now. You could argue. That it’s because I read book 14 out of a god-knows-how-long-of-book-series that maybe I should have started at the beginning. Maybe I would have enjoyed this book more. 

You would be WRONG. 

This book is just…rotten bananas. Like it is just too crazy to even…almost talk about and we did a whole podcast episode about it.

Ok so I am just going to talk about the craziness of the world. Seriously how are humans even still…alive? Like we are DEFINITELY not the apex predator in this book series so the fact that we’ve managed to make it so long with were-whatevers, and vampires, and angels, and demons is just…I don’t know it just doesn’t make logical sense. 

Oh and speaking of demons, what WAS that last scene with Leah turning evil and suddenly following after Dannifer like a drug-crazed lunatic? She hadn’t even had any demon herb and she was following after him like he had that REAL good cush. 

D.A.R.E not to do demon herb kids. Man that just makes me really want to create a shitty peer-pressure video with Zach being Dannifer trying to get me and Rachel to try out that dope demon herb. 

And then me and Rachel magically end up in red silk.

Here are the articles about the twins in China who were genetically altered to be resistant to HIV:



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