Ep 35: The Call of the Jungle

OK so for this book I have to agree with some of our Facebook followers and say that the cover plus the title does now unfortunately make me think of golden showers. 

When I was in college, my friends used to have this joke for me where if I wanted something sweet they would point at me and say “No Margie, bad life decisions!” (I’m diabetic to put a bit of context in there.) It sounds mean writing it but they said it as a complete joke, knowing that in all likelihood I would just eat the ice cream anyway and take insulin for it.

In this book all I want to do is point at Allie Parker and say “No Allie! Bad life decisions!” But with love. Like I totally get where Allie is coming from. I’m a Gryffindor (although I think I would consider her a Hufflepuff) so if I felt like it was safe enough to I would probably go snooping around the slip too (maybe not on the yacht though.)

That being said would I IMMEDIATELY believe the guy who KIDNAPPED me that he is a government agent? Probably not no. Would I then IMMEDIATELY almost sleep with him?! DEFINITELY not. “Allie bad life decisions!”

Allie is sweet though and just generally wants to do the right thing for everyone. It’s endearing but also reckless. 

(Now that I think of it though she might be a Gryffindor from all of the escapes she tried to make off of that yacht.)

I think one of the most painful parts of this book for me though was the white saviorism. Like just because you live a privileged life doesn’t make you a better parent for Miguel, Allie. “Allie bad life decisions!”

And the fact that Jake would propose by using the little boy is just….omg like what if she wanted to say no?! Or what if she was like “Hey after all that nonsense I want to just date like two normal people for a change.” Gonna be pretty awkward to “just date” when there’s a five year old boy you are both suddenly responsible for.

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