Ep. 30: Low Expectations

“Hello Disney? I have the idea for the next big Marvel movie….hear me out…”

I don’t understand this man’s obsession with not wearing a shirt. I mean if you got it flaunt it I guess?

She’s like a beautiful butterfly in a sports bra cocoon 

Alright so seriously though. If you’re running away from a mob boss, why would you stay so close? Pepper’s brother obviously has money. Why not leave?

There’s a lot of lack of trust going on here

Hey if totally clothes on sex is your cup of tea, great. Definitely not mine though

I don’t think Rowdy really thought this whole plan through…. I feel like there are better times to break in to this dude’s house than when he’s NEXT DOOR


Surprise! She’s a Victoria Secret Model!

A cabin not that far from town doesn’t seem like the BEST safe house….

That’s a really anticlimactic way to die. I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be some sort of interesting commentary or just a cop-out

Hey guys let me know how you like this format! Maybe we’ll do it again sometime.

This week’s episode title is a pun on Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations

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