Ep. 24: For Whom the Cinnamon Rolls

Hey everyone, Margie here. 

I absolutely loved listening to this recording because I got to relive those moments of “OMG he’s PERFECT PLEASE LOVE ME,”

And Gabriel isn’t perfect because he’s this impenetrable wall of toxic masculinity. No, he actually IS vulnerable, encourages Bitsy-I mean Charlotte-to be vulnerable around him, and in general helps his partner to become a better human.

And guys the smut…was pretty damn good. Usually in the books where the guys huge and intimidating and a bit almost scary you expect a character who’s no-holds-barred when it comes to sex. This guy actually watches himself and her to make sure they’re both having the best time possible and his control is REALLY DAMN SEXY.

So I have to give Nalini Singh, the author, credit because the way that the characters were written there was growth on both sides. Charlotte sort of re-emerged and wasn’t afraid to be herself anymore, and Gabriel learned to forgive his biological father and move on from the past hurt. 

The only thing about this book was that the plot wasn’t really…a plot. It was more just a vague threat that you knew would materialize at some point in the book. And that doesn’t make for a super-interesting read. Luckily the characters were good enough to carry it through. Richard was believable, but boring. Like I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard about a Richard somewhere sometime in some true crime story.

This week’s title is a pun on Ernest Hemingway’s, For Whom the Bell Tolls

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