Ep. 21: Must Love Wieners

What is up with those arms? I don’t think those are human proportions…

Aiden Caldwell: Professional cinnamon roll

Hey Laura. You’re a bitch

Smooth Aiden. Super smooth. “Hey baby. Wunna come back to my place and meet my weiner?”

I apologize in advance y’all. This is kind of a crazy romcom-esque plot. Strap in and hang on everybody!

I got some serious fuzzys from this book and I’ll be honest, I totally needed it. 

Hey Ladies? Girls support girls. Don’t be an asshole to each other. Don’t be a Tamara

What is it about dogs that sparks such an emotional reaction? Because I definitely car more about dogs that people in this instance

You know listening to this description again, it’s a bit ridiculous how many terrible things are happening to Piper at the same time. I can admit that now

Holy crap! Adult communication!

It only took like…21 episodes before we actually talked about masterbation…yay?

Ladies find yourself a squad that will help you sneak into your rich CEO’s office so you can find info that shakes your trust in him.

I still love Aiden but I also still hate over the top miscommunications and coincidences. I’m pretty torn about this one

This week’s title is a pun on Claire Cook’s Must Love Dogs (I mean obvi)

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