Ep. 18: A Farewell to Noses (feat. The Hidden People)

I know I’ve said similar things before but this book was like being taken down into the Phantom of the Opera’s lair. You’re turned on but you know that you shouldn’t be and when you come up for air you’re like “WAIT A MINUTE NO.”

Rachel said she experienced the same thing after reading Twilight for the first time. I wish I could have said I realized that Twilight was a basket case of a book after the first time I read it.

I guess now that I think about it the Phantom of the Opera reference tracks. Like, they both kidnap, I guess the Phantom’s kidnap is a consensual kidnap? Is that a thing?

The amount that Dorian/Dougan brooded in this book…it just went beyond the realm of what I saw possible in a human. Like I can see being depressed I have depression, but the way this guy is acting on those depressions just doesn’t really seem…I don’t know it doesn’t really make sense to me.

But then again maybe Dorian is just experiencing true fear. In the book Farah and Murdoch discuss how Dorian is afraid of getting what he wants because he’s afraid he’ll lose it just as

quickly. Fear of failure is definitely a real thing, but it was like he got an inch from the finish line with Farah and was just like “nah, what if I trip?”

It’s hard to conceptualize someone else’s depression/anxieties/fears but his reactions to them just seemed so beyond the realm of rational possibility. But thats the author trying to make brooding sexy I guess. And as much as I hate to admit it when you’re in the middle of reading it yeah you’re turned on.

I actually liked this book enough that I gave another book in the series a try. And OMG IT WAS BAD. It was actually atrocious and it is very clear that the author has a fetish for sexual things happening in a bathtub and is also very into kidnapping. Oh, and identity theft.

This week’s pun: A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

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