Ep. 9: The Invisible and Totally Not Creepy or Abusive Man

Hello all! This is your co-host Rachel! Welcome to our show notes! Here we have just a few extra notes that I happened to think of, as well as some supplemental information. Enjoy!

I promised I’d explain the moons so here it goes. There are actually 3 moons in this world. Each moon is a slightly different color and corresponds to one of the 3 gods: The Scholar, The Vagabond, and The Soldier. Boom! Worldbuilding!

I’d like to briefly say that I am totally aware that the Saturn V rocket itself didn’t land on the moon. But it DID take our beloved astronauts and moon lander to the moon. I promise I’m the biggest space nerd, but speaking quickly is hard. Sue me. As tribute for my mistake, please enjoy these pictures of my lego Saturn V rocket. Bitsy for scale.

Guys this book is seriously so good! For real go get it..

What type of mage do you think YOU would be in this world? The options are Shroud mage (like Janto), Mind Mage, Healer, and War mage. There are others, but that’s what we’ll go with for now. I would totally go for War mage. I’d never have to work out again!

If you were expecting her betrothed to be a great guy well….then I don’t think we were on the same page….If you listened to our last episode, you’ll notice that Augustan (Augustus? Something like that…) is a great counterpoint to Janto. He’s such an asshole to Janto’s compassion and caring. Also, he has a GREAT death. So satisfying

Janto is best boy. So sweet. So nice.

I don’t think I mentioned it in the show, but the reason Rhianne is caught when she runs away is that she’s too nice. She gives away money that she has and tries to help everyone she meets and leaves a trail for them to follow and track. She’s just TOO. DAMN. NICE.

God forbid you let a woman be an actual human being and make their own decisions. Thank you Janto for being a good person and valuing the woman that you love as an individual!


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